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A new feature that has the same functionality as a VPN, Has a good and stable connection speed using Xray Vless.


Vless is the next generation of V2Ray with more advantages like lightweight transmission protocol, the encryption is more flexible, and using UUID for authentication method without alterId. in some condition, Vless is faster than Vmess. Vless is available on Windows, macOS, BSD, iOS, and Android.

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Xray Vless+WebSocket
Vless+WS MX 01
  • Host:
  • Location: Mexico
  • Port: 80
  • Port TLS: 443
  • Valid: 7 days

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What is Xray Vless?

Project X begins from XTLS protocol, gives a bunch of organization apparatuses, for example, Xray-core and Xray-flutter. Vless is a refreshed form of vmess protocol, which has been around for some time. After a few designers discovered defects on vmess protocol, and showed that vmess protocol can be identified by DPI, vless was created. Also, xray-core has been created as an option in contrast to standard v2ray-core. As per engineers, xray is more steady, better for UDP gaming and %30 quicker than v2ray. Vless is a stateless lightweight transmission protocol that can be used as a bridge between Xray client and server.


  • Vless TCP TLS
  • Vless TCP HTTP
  • Vless WebSocket TLS
  • Vless WebSocket HTTP
  • Vless gRPC TLS
  • Vless gRPC HTTP


  • Vless an Original Lightweight Proxy Protocol, Zero Redundant Encryption Overhead.
  • XTLS Standard TLS Encryption with Kernel-level Packet Flow Control Optimization, Powered by Vless.
  • One-to-Many Port Sharing, Common Server Ports (like 443) Can Be Shared by Multiple Backends.
  • Invisible Proxy Service, Normalized Server Responses. Effective Against Active Probing.
  • Domain Filtering, Customize Your Traffic Filtering at Domain Level, with built-in RegEx Support.
  • Affordable Hardware Ready. Raspberry Pi, OpenWRT and more.
  • OS Supported. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android and more
  • Chipset Supported. x86, amd64, ARM, Apple Silicon and more is provider Premium High Speed SSH, Stunnel (SSH Over SSL/TLS), OpenVPN, Squid Proxy, Shadowsocks, Trojan VPN, V2ray Vmess, V2ray Vless and WireGuard account with high quality server for our premium SSH account, our server using SSD thats must will get more best perform. We will so take your connection to private and make it full speed SSH connection with securely.